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A Piece Of Cake

for you

Who wants a piece of cake Greenwood?  Everyone, right?  But the question we always wonder at The Berlin Baking Co. is what type of cake do you want?  Everyone has their favorites!

Every Thursday, our owner and  head baker, Karen Berlin, designs and creates a new, custom cake.  The cake of the week is posted on our Facebook page on Friday morning at a steep discount and first to claim it gets it for a weekend special treat.  During our first  week, The Berlin Bakery gave away its first cake of the week.  During the giveaway, we asked everyone to tell us what their favorite cake flavors were.  The results are in!

Our Fan's Top Eight Most Requested Cakes

Our Facebook fans voted on their favorite piece of cake and here are the results

8) Pistachio Cream Cake

7) White Chocolate Raspberry

6) Italian Cream Cake

5) Carrot Cake

4) German Chocolate

3) Vanilla

2) Red Velvet

1) Chocolate

A piece of cake greenwood pistachio cake

Secrets to the Best Chocolate Cake

Since Chocolate cake is the favorite, let's talk about what makes it better.  Chocolate Cake is The Berlin Baking Co’s special favorite and we have a recipe with four secret ingredients that we absolutely love.  

The first secret ingredient is special Dutch processed cocoa.  I won’t get into the details, but if you want to Nerd out, check out this baking blogger we like.

Another secret ingredient we use in our chocolate cake is coffee.  It isn’t perceptible in the chocolate cake but it really enhances the chocolate flavor.  

The third secret ingredient we use in our chocolate cake is buttermilk.  The acid from the buttermilk breaks down the gluten in the cake flour and gives the cake a softer texture.

The fourth secret ingredient.  Well, we can’t give out all the secret ingredients.  You’ll have to try it for yourself and see if you can guess.



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