Indianapolis Smash Cakes

A smash cake is a wonderful way to celebrate your child's first birthday.  Watching your little one's reaction as they eat their first bite of cake is exciting and enlightening to parents everywhere.  Whether they are apprehensive and curious, or they dig right in.  Seeing their little faces react to the joy of eating cake is always fun.

A smash cake served at a high chair is the typical method of capturing the day, with mom, dad, grandpas, and grandmas standing by with baited breath and a camera (or six) at the ready to capture the moment.    However, lots of parents now are looking to capture the moment in a  professional smash cake portrait session.

Smash cakes at The Berlin Baking Co. start at $19 and include a 5" triple layer cake with a basic design in a single color.  Elaborate customization available.

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Tips for your smash cake order

When ordering a smash cake, The Berlin Baking Co. recommends the following tips.

  1. A tall cake!  Babies are short.  That is just reality.  Having a cake that is tall will ensure the baby is not hunched over and will give the photographer the best chances for taking that perfect shot.

  2. Don't go huge.  The optimal size for a smash cake is around 5".  Anything bigger can be in the way of baby during the shoot.  Other cake vendors may be selling 4" cakes.  These are positively tiny.  It might not seem like it, but a 5" cake actually is 50% bigger than a 4" cake.  Mom and Dad deserve a bit too, right?

  3. Contrast.  For best photography, don't go with a chocolate cake.  A vanilla or white cake with a darker frosting for the cake filling will create a very nice cake shot when the baby breaks into the good stuff.

  4. Make sure your cake decorator asks for "white balanced" photography of the outfit.  When creating icing colors, it is super important that the colors match the outfit.  The Berlin Baking Co suggests taking a photo of the birthday outfit with a blank sheet of white paper somewhere in the photo so the photo can be color corrected before creating the icing.  The last thing you want is for that perfect pink or blue outfit to not be perfectly matched.

  5. Simple is better.  It is so important for a smash cake to be elegant and beautiful but not overly flashy.  A cake that is visually detailed pull the focal point of the photography away from the baby.  Remember, the cake is a supporting actor in this movie.

  6. Order Early.  Unless it is important for the photos to be taken super close to the actual birthday, The Berlin Baking Co. recommends getting smash cake photography done about a month before the day of the big party so that you can have a photo on display or photos to give to grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles.

  7. Make sure your cake artist supplies a smash cake AND a cupcake. For many babies, the smash cake will be the first time they've ever been served cake.  They often don't know what to do and will sit there and stare at it.  Maybe they won't like the feeling of sticky frosting on their fingers.  You can't know how they'll react unless you practice.  That's why The Berlin Baking Co recommends that the first cake your kiddo tries isn't the smash cake.  We supply an identically colored and flavored tall size cupcake to acclimate your baby to what cake is.  You can increase the likelihood that your child will have an excellent photography session by getting them prepared in advance with the cupcake we supply. A couple times before the day of the photo shoot, simply introduce the cake to them in a small bite so they know what to expect when the photography day comes.

Need an Indianapolis Smash Cake Photographer?


The Berlin Baking Co. recommends several Indianapolis smash cake photographers who can get the pictures you're looking for.  While your child is the obvious star of the show, the cake should be a solid supporting actor.  The Berlin Baking Co. specializes in Indianapolis Smash Cakes.   We know what cakes work best on camera!